Rand International Capital has been actively involved in business development during the past twenty years over a broad range of business sectors from the informal sector, through to SMME’s, corporate business, municipalities, and government organisations. Through this process, we have gained invaluable experience in the commercial environment and believe we will be able to assist you in your business evaluation, planning, and strategy.

Rand International Capital has recently been granted an award for “Outstanding Professional Support to the East London Industrial Development Zone Team” in recognition of six years of assistance with the establishment of their multi-million Rand development and the preparation of business plans and financial feasibility studies for stakeholder acceptance and funding purposes. Inherent in this work has been the preparation of economic and sector analysis in order to determine and attract the target industries for estate occupation and to define the physical and support infrastructure required, together with the social and economic impact of these initiatives.

Rand International Capital have completed various investigations and financial evaluations on behalf of these and other institutions. Subsequent to the financial evaluation phase, business plans and feasibility studies have been completed for a range of clients, and it is through this process that we believe we are able to be of assistance with similar projects.

Rand International Capital was formed as a network of highly qualified and experienced associates, which together with the strategic partnerships, which we have formed in the Financial Services Industry, are able to offer unique and innovative financial solutions to business and infrastructure projects.

This method of operating and our determination to remain independent from any large organisation such as a major accountancy firm, enables us to ensure both that we can maintain the very highest personalised service, and can pick and choose the very best of advice for our clients to enable them to achieve their stated goals.



Derek is a financial analyst and economist who has recently completed his Masters Degree in Development Finance and has extensive experience in evaluating financial proposals and preparing business plans and economic reports for financing and implementation.

Matthew has worked in the finance industry for 4 years.