Development Finance & Economic Evaluation


Rand International Capital has the capability to assist organisations and developing countries to take advantage of the potential benefits of using project, grant and debt finance to implement infrastructure projects and make well-reasoned decisions based on their particular objectives and requirements and to elucidate how projects can be made to attract financing from the private sector.

Hereafter we wish to provide a perspective of Rand International Capital’s broad experience, capabilities and resources in infrastructure financing worldwide. Infrastructure is the generic name that has been used to describe public/private partnership projects and transactions. It encompasses many sectors as highlighted below, but generally, the common theme is the underlying Concession/Service Provision Agreement and steady cash flows.


  • Roads/Bridges/Rail/Airports
  • Industrial Development Zone/Logistics
  • Port Infrastructure/Handling equipment
  • Commercial/Industrial Property
  • Tourism/Cultural and Environment


  • Dedicated infrastructure team
  • Global project finance presence
  • South Africa based team
  • Extensive industry relationships
  • International resources


  • Commercial/Financial Advisory
  • Bank debt/Public debt securities
  • Public/Private equity
  • Management Buy Out/Empowerment
  • Feasibility studies/business plans


  • Financial Bid development
  • Financial analysis & proposal formulation.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis & Economic Impact
  • Financial modeling/structuring