Project Finance For Infrastructure


Rand International Capital have been actively involved in business development during the past 19 years over a broad range of business sectors from the informal sector, through to SMME’s, corporate business, municipalities and government organisations. Through this process, we have gained invaluable experience in the commercial and public environment with regard to business evaluation, planning and strategy.

Derek Zimmerman of Rand International Capital has been actively involved in the econometric and financial modelling of a range of private and public projects at a local, national and international level. Business plans, feasibility studies, financial and economic evaluations, cost-benefit analysis studies and socio-economic assessments are undertaken for the determination of project viability and the needs of all stakeholders are analysed, with key performance indicators supplied for decision-making purposes.

Rand International Capital has recently been granted an award for “Outstanding Professional Support to the East London Industrial Development Zone Team” in recognition of six years of assistance with the establishment of their multi-million Rand development and the preparation of business plans and financial feasibility studies for stakeholder acceptance and funding purposes. Inherent in this work has been the preparation of economic and sector analysis in order to determine and attract the target industries for estate occupation and to define the physical and support infrastructure required, together with the social and economic impact of these initiatives. A broad overview of our financial and development economic capability is as follows:

Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

  • Due diligence studies for acquisitions
  • Feasibility studies and financial analysis
  • Business plans for securing finance/partner

Property Development

  • Market analysis and demand forecasts
  • Development proposals and financing
  • Tender, procurement & project management.

Economic Impact and Sustainability

  • Cost Benefit Analysis and economic impact
  • Local Economic Development
  • Sectoral analysis and trend evaluation

Demand Analysis and Economic Trends

  • Tourism demand and economic profiles
  • Macro-economic trends and forecasts
  • Costs of doing business, incentives, grants